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Schools - The Benefits of Membership



Benefits of Membership for Schools

Western Canada Region


ACSI currently serves over 24,000 schools and 5.5 million students globally. ACSI is the largest Protestant independent school organization in the world. ACSIWC has a membership of approximately 25,000 students in the western provinces of BC, AB, SK and MB. It is a privilege to be able to offer your Christian school, students, and staff the many benefits that ACSIWC has available.

ACSIWC is a service organization that strives to meet the needs of all Christian schools, regardless of size or status.  The benefits listed here help ACSIWC fulfill its mission to empower Christian educators and schools worldwide to effectively prepare students for life.

The following benefits are available for members:

Empowering Christian Schools through Professional Development

  • Professional development opportunities through Teacher Conventions, Administrator Board Conferences and Professional Development Workshops
  • Membership rates for all ACSIWC events
  • District meetings for each province to offer opportunity for networking as well as providing professional development
  • Networking opportunities with other ACSI schools in area
  • Community—a communication and learning community for Christian educators
  • Opportunity for additional post graduate training in Christian school leadership and teaching through our Summer Institute

Empowering Christian Schools through Professional Consultation/In-Service/Training

  • Access to Consultant services for advice with respect to governance and leadership issues, facilities, financial management, professional development, teacher qualifications and certification, etc.
  • Executive Director and/or Assistant Executive Director and/or Provincial Consultant will visit schools, speak at school functions, and give workshops as time permits
  • Access to school leadership reviews and in-depth evaluation of a school’s operation (Nominal fee plus cover expenses)
  • When appropriate ACSIWC staff represent member schools at the educational departments of provincial governments in BC, AB, SK and MB, and with provincial organizations of independent and private schools
  • Access to services of the ACSI Western Canada Appeals Committee:  When problems are not solved at the school level using the procedures and processes put in place by the school, the issue may be appealed to the ACSI Appeals Committee.  In BC the issue may be appealed to the ACSI BC Ombudsman
  • Executive Director meets with colleges and universities to promote opportunities for professional development for ACSI schools
  • Board and Development workshops


Empowering Christian Schools through Student Activities

  • Student activities such as Student Leadership Conferences, Musicale, and Drama Xchange
  • Membership rates for all ACSIWC student activities

Empowering Christian Schools through Resources

  • Community gives access to a world-class Christian educational resourcing and networking website
  • Christian School Comment (nine per year) available on the ACSI HO website (The goal of CSC is to educate, encourage, and inspire educators, parents and friends of Christian schools.)
  • Christian School Education (CSE) magazine (published five times per year)
  • Monthly ACSIWC Communicator (ten per year)
  • Complimentary poster-size calendars available for classrooms and offices
  • Provide complimentary resource materials for schools

Empowering Christian Schools through Global Opportunities

  • Day of Hope—fundraiser encourages schools to participate in projects for overseas schools
  • Global Christian educational support—through giving educators opportunities to work with Christian educators in other parts of the world for mutual professional development. Trips will be planned for interested educators which will allow them to visit one of the global regions of ACSI and work with educators there to enable them to be more effective. Each trip will provide a dynamic opportunity for teachers to build global relationships and be a part of worldwide Christian school improvement
  • ACSI Head Office International Ministries gives support for planning school mission trips

Empowering Christian Schools through Additional Benefits

  • Complimentary advertising in our Employment Listing for your school when seeking teachers/administrators (website postings are updated weekly during heavy recruiting times from February to June)
  • Access to umbrella agreements with Microsoft and Johnson Inc. (home & auto insurance), exclusively for ACSIWC members
  • Discounts when purchasing national standards tests

Financial Benefits

  • Membership rates for all ACSIWC events
  • Complimentary advertising in our employment listings
  • Complimentary resource materials
  • Discounts when purchasing national standards tests

To become an ACSIWC member the schools should:

  • Agree with our Statement of Faith
  • Complete a membership form
  • Pay an annual membership fee

The ACSI membership application explains the fee structure. Should you have further questions about membership or our services, please call ACSI Western Canada Executive Director, Philip Hills at 403.818.5766;