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Employment Overview

The ACSIWC Employment Service is available on the following terms:

  • To place an advertisement for your school’s personnel needs or yourself as a candidate, you must complete the appropriate form. School Job form, Candidate Form
  • ACSI member schools may list openings for administrators, teachers and support staff at no charge. (Non-member schools pay a fee $75).
  • Administrators and teachers working in ACSI member schools who are currently seeking employment may place a personal listing at no charge. (Candidates working in non-member schools pay a fee $50).
  • ACSI does not endorse or recommend any person appearing in its Employment Listing. Schools are asked to observe their usual screening process when considering listed individuals.
  • The listings will remain for ninety days unless we are notified of a vacancy being filled or an individual no longer seeking employment. Please notify ACSI immediately when the position is filled so we can remove outdated listings.
  • Send the form to the employment coordinator using the appropriate form: School Job Form or Candidate Form

Complete listings:


Disclaimer: These employment opportunities are provided solely as a listing service for individuals and Christian schools affiliated with ACSI. ACSI assumes no liability arising out of or from the hiring of any individual or contact with schools listed herein. ACSI does not endorse the individuals or schools listed, nor does ACSI undertake or conduct any screening of individuals or schools. When considering individuals from this list, schools using the listing should conduct their own background screening and reference checks. ACSI may edit entries for clarity.