Question: Does the Bible project have a podcast?

Is there a podcast that goes through the Bible?

‘The Bible Recap’ Podcast Aims To Talk Through The Entire Bible In A Year. … Into that Bible shaped hole comes The Bible Recap hosted by Tara-Leigh Cobble, a daily podcast that aims to read through the entire Bible in a year and since its first episode on January 1 has reached over 2 million downloads.

Is there an app for the Bible project?

From your AppleTV App Store, search for ‘BibleProject‘. … Click ‘Get’ to download the app (it’s free- always!) When the download is complete, select ‘Open’ to launch the BibleProject app.

Who is God podcast?

Who’s Your God? is the podcast for whatever the hell you believe in. Comedian and host Amy Miller is joined every week by her co-host John Michael Bond and producer Steve Hernandez to chat with a guest about religion, beliefs, god, and whatever gets them through the day.

Is The Bible Recap free?

It’s a brief daily summary and highlights reel of that day’s Bible reading. We follow 1-Year Chronological Plan by The Bible Recap (free on the Bible app), and you can start anytime!

What happened to Tim Mackie?

After years of ministry as a local church pastor, Tim now serves as the Chief Education Officer for BibleProject and is an adjunct professor at Western Seminary.

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What church does Tim Mackie attend?

Tim Mackie is the co-founder of the BibleProject, a nonprofit animation studio helping people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus. He is the former pastor of Blackhawk Church in Madison, Wisconsin, and Door of Hope Church in Portland, Oregon.

Can I use BibleProject videos?

Please feel free to use our BibleProject videos within your in-person service or live-streamed church recording, so long as our videos are less than a third of your recording’s length. … Do not edit our content in any way, by adding to or taking away from our videos.