What is Cody Christian’s real name?

Who is Cody Christian’s father?

Who is Cody Christian’s mom?

What Colour are Cody Christian’s eyes?

Cody Christian Wiki

Cody Christian Wiki & Biography
Biceps Size 38
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark Brown
Family and Relatives

Where is Hunter clowdus from?

Is Asher Adams based on a real person?

All American tells the story of a young man from South Central L.A. who gets recruited to play football for Beverly Hills High. It’s reminiscent of high school shows like The O.C. and Friday Night Lights, but what sets it apart is the man it’s based on: Spencer Paysinger.

What color are Theo Raeken eyes?

Theo is tall with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. As a wolf his eyes are blue.

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