Who first breastfed Prophet Muhammad?

Who was Hazrat Suwaiba?

Hazrat Suaiba Aslamiyyah (RA) (mispronounced as Sobia) the maid servant of his uncle Abu Lahab, who was the first one to have the honor of feeding the Prophet (PBUH). The Prophet liked her so much and was grateful to her and her children till she died in the seventh year A.H (after Hijra).

Who was Halima to Prophet Muhammad?

Halima Sadia (Arabic: حليمة السعدية‎) was an Arabic Beduin woman. She was a foster mother and took care of the prophet Muhammad for the first six years of his life. Halimah and her husband were from the tribe of Sa’d b.

Who is Prophet Muhammad mother?

How many mothers does the Holy Prophet have?


Islamic prophet Muhammad
Children See Muhammad’s children
Parent(s) Abdullah ibn Abd al-Muttalib (father) Amina bint Wahb (mother)
Relatives Family tree of Muhammad, Ahl al-Bayt (“Family of the House”)
Arabic name

Who was Halima Why did she bring up Muhammad?

Halima Saadia from Banu Saad tribe was daughter of Abdullah bin Harith and wife of Harith Abu Zowaib, opted for The Holy Prophet who still an infant when a group of ladies visited Mecca. Muhammad who at that time was an-eight-day-old. She opted for this infant as his father, Abdullah, had died before his birth.

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What is the meaning of Halima?

Halima or Halimah or Halime and Halimeh (Arabic: حليمة‎) /halima/, pronounced ha-LEE-mah, is a female given name of Arabic origin meaning forebearing, gentle, mild-mannered and generous.