Which day is considered to be the most holy day for Christians?

What is holy day in Christianity?

holy day of obligation – a day when Catholics must attend Mass and refrain from servile work, and Episcopalians must take Communion. January 20, Saint Agnes’s Eve – a Christian holy day. Easter Day, Easter Sunday – the day (in March or April) on which the festival of Easter is celebrated.

What are two holy days for Christianity?

Christian holidays

  • Palm Sunday (Commemoration of the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem; Last Sunday before Easter)
  • Holy Monday (Anointing of Jesus)
  • Holy Tuesday (Predictions of Jesus)
  • Spy Wednesday (Betrayal of Jesus by Judas)
  • Maundy Thursday (Celebration of the Last Supper)
  • Good Friday (Death of Jesus)

What is the holiest day of the week?

‘Holy and Great Week’) is the most sacred week in the Church year. In Eastern Rite Churches, also known as Eastern Orthodox, Holy Week occurs the week after Lazarus Saturday and starts on the evening of Palm Sunday.

Holy Week
Date Last week of Lent
2020 date April 5 – April 11 (Western) April 12 – April 18 (Eastern)

Was Sunday always the first day of the week?

Origins of Sunday as the first day of the Week

Sunday has always been regarded as the first day of the week for religious reasons. Beginning in ancient times, in Egypt, when Sunday was set aside as the most important day of the week, and thus the one that was at the start.

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