What was the population of Nazareth at the time of Jesus life?

Was Nazareth a small town?

Nazareth was set in a small basin surrounded by hills and wasn’t very accessible. … But since the town wasn’t located on a roadway, “people didn’t go through Nazareth unless they specifically wanted to go there. And that was really the reason that it remained a small site until the 19th century.”

What was the population of Israel during Jesus’s time?

During the First Jewish–Roman War (66–73 CE), the population of Jerusalem was estimated at 600,000 persons by Roman historian Tacitus, while Josephus estimated that there were as many as 1,100,000 who were killed in the war.

What was the population of Galilee during the time of Jesus?

The total population of Galilee was more than three million (War 6.420), and Josephus himself mustered 60,000 infantry and a total of 100,000 fighters for the war against Rome (War 2.583, 576).

What is Nazareth called today?

Nazareth is known as “the Arab capital of Israel”. In 2019 its population was 77,445. The inhabitants are predominantly Arab citizens of Israel, of whom 69% are Muslim and 30.9% Christian.


Nazareth النَّاصِرَة an-Nāṣira נָצְרַת‎ Natzrat
Area code +972 (Israel)
Website www.nazareth.muni.il

How big was the city of Jerusalem in Jesus time?

Jerusalem was one of the biggest cities between Alexandria and Damascus, with a permanent population of some 80,000.

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How long did Jesus live in Nazareth?

Answer: Christ lived on earth about thirty-three years, and led a most holy life in poverty and suffering.