What jobs can you get with a Christian counseling degree?

What can I do as a Christian counselor?

Christian counselors provide counseling services, rehabilitation support and advice from a spiritual perspective. In this career, you might help clients suffering from mental health issues, addictions, disabilities or trauma. Your clients may include children, adolescents, adults and families.

What is the average salary of a Christian counselor?

Christian Counseling Salary

The salary for a Christian counselor varies by state and experience. The general range is from $26,000 to $79,000 annually, with the average being around $40,000. For a pastoral counselor, the average salary is $39,000. Salaries differ based on where the counselor works.

Can you make a living as a Christian counselor?

The bureau notes that counselors who operate their own practices or work for group practices usually make the most money. Christian counselors made $38,167 to $62,352 per year in October 2010, according to Payscale.com. Those who obtain their Ph.

What is a Christian counseling degree?

This Christian counseling degree grounds students in the theories of psychology and counseling within a biblical framework. It goes beyond a typical counseling degree by training you to apply Bible-based counseling in addition to psychology-based counseling.

How do you become a certified Bible counselor?

Get certified as a Biblical counselor.

  1. Complete training course requirements. …
  2. Complete supervised counseling observation hours. …
  3. Read a selection of books and articles from the association’s approved reading list. …
  4. Pass the association’s required exams. …
  5. Submit the application materials required by the association.
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Do you need a degree to be a counselor?

Steps to Becoming a Counselor. Virtually all states and the vast majority of employers require school counselors to hold a master’s degree in school counseling or a related field. So, the first step is to earn a four-year bachelor’s degree from a fully accredited program.