What is the study of sin called?

What is the study of soteriology?

The term soteriology denotes beliefs and doctrines concerning salvation in any specific religion, as well as the study of the subject.

What does Hamartiology mean?

: a part of theology treating the doctrine of sin — compare ponerology.

What is soteriology in the Bible?

Soteriology is the branch of theology dealing with the study of salvation. The term comes from the Greek soterion, “salvation,” and is also related to soter, “savior.” … In Christianity, soteriology is inextricably linked with Christology, for both fields centralize the significance of Christ as savior.

What is meant by Christological?

Christology, Christian reflection, teaching, and doctrine concerning Jesus of Nazareth. Christology is the part of theology that is concerned with the nature and work of Jesus, including such matters as the Incarnation, the Resurrection, and his human and divine natures and their relationship.

What is Emmenology?

Emmenology. (Science: study) An obsolete term for the branch of medicine concerned with the physiology and pathology of menstruation.

What are the four types of theology?

So what are the four types of theology? The four types include biblical theology, historical theology, systematic (or dogmatic) theology, and practical theology.

What is the meaning of Bibliology?

1 : the history and science of books as physical objects : bibliography. 2 often capitalized : the study of the theological doctrine of the Bible.

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