What is the minimum travel period for shortening prayers?

How many miles to not fast?

Most of the scholars believe that the minimum distance that exempts one from fasting is 48 miles or more. This means that if a person travels more than 80 km, he is a traveler and hence allowed to exempt fasting.

Can I pray jam and Qasr?

It is also worth mentioning that while praying Qasr during travel is highly recommended—some Imams such as Abu Hanifah even consider it as obligatory—during travel, praying Jam’ is only allowed while one is actually traveling or pre-occupied with pressing circumstances. Jam’ is rare, while Qasr is common.

How long are you a Musafir?

WHO IS A MUSAFIR? The person who sets out with the intention of eventually travelling approx. 77 km is regarded as a musafir in the Shari`ah. A person will not become a musafir until he firmly intends to travel 77 km from the place he is in.

Can I break my fast if im Travelling?

THE PRE-DAWN TRAVELER: A traveler who begins his or her travel in Ramadan before fajr (dawn), who has intended to travel at that time and to break his or her fast in so doing, has the consensus of jurists that he or she can break fast.

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Can we run while fasting?

If you’d rather use your pre-run time in the morning to sleep in a little bit or you can’t handle the idea of eating early in the morning, sure, it’s OK to do fasted cardio. “Just make sure you’re only doing easy runs when you’re in a fasted state,” says Featherstun.

How many miles do you have to travel to pray Qasr?

There is no hadith or mention in the Quran on how far one must travel that specifies the need for Qasr Salat. The jurists argue, the minimum required distance should approximately 55 miles (around 88.7km). This is around four burud (an antiquated unit of distance representing two days of travel with a Camel).

How do you pray Salatul Musafir?


During traveling we need to pray Fajr in full raka’at (2) with the Sunnah prayer. Travelers can shorten and combine Thuhr &Asr prayers. We can pray both prayers at Thuhr time or at Asr prayer time.

How do you pray Salatul Janazah?

Having the appropriate neeyat (intention) in your heart, You say the first takbir while raising your hands, then you fold and hold your hands on your chest in the usual manner, the right hand on the left, then you seek refuge with Allah from the accursed Shayṭan, then you utter Bismillah and recite Al-Fatiha.

Who is a Musafir?

Musafir (مسافر) is a word in Arabic, Persian, Bengali, Hindi and Urdu meaning ‘traveler’. In the Romanian language it means ‘guest’. In Turkish it also means ‘guest’, as an alternative to “konuk”, but is spelled as misafir.

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