What is the meaning of Jedidah in the Bible?

Is Jedidah a biblical name?

In the Hebrew Bible, Jedidah was the mother of Josiah, the King of Judah. … (2 Kings 22:1) She was the wife of King Amon of Judah and a daughter of Adaiah of Boscath, a town in the Kingdom of Judah. Alternate spellings for this Bible character are “Jedida” or “Jeddida”.

Was Josiah a king?

Josiah, also spelled Josias, (born c. 648 bce—died 609), king of Judah (c. 640–609 bce), who set in motion a reformation that bears his name and that left an indelible mark on Israel’s religious traditions (2 Kings 22–23:30).

Is Jedidiah a female name?

Jedediah (Hebrew: יְדִידְיָה‎) or Jedidiah is a Hebrew male given name, which is derived from the name Yedidyah, meaning “beloved of Jah”.

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