What does Hager mean in the Bible?

What does Hagar mean in Hebrew?

Wiktionary. Hagarnoun. The Egyptian concubine of Abraham, mother of Ishmael. Etymology: From Hebrew הָגָר‎ ( Hagar , ” stranger”) .

What is Hagar in English?

Hagar in British English

(ˈheɪɡɑː , -ɡə) noun. Old Testament. an Egyptian maid of Sarah, who bore Ishmael to Abraham, Sarah’s husband.

What does Hager mean?

Dutch and North German: from a Germanic personal name composed of hag ‘hedge’, ‘enclosure’ + hari, heri ‘army’. from a Germanic personal name, Hadugar, composed of the elements hadu- ‘combat’, ‘strife’ + gari, from garwa ‘ready’, ‘eager’.

Why is Hagar important in the Bible?

Hagar is a biblical character in the book of Genesis. She has an important role as wife of Abram/Abraham and mother of Ishmael. As such, she is an important figure within Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. … He instructs her to name him Ishmael (God hears).

What is the spirit of Hagar?

Spiritually understood, Hagar symbolizes living according to the flesh, insofar as she births Ishmael through natural means in contrast to Sarah’s more surprising conception of Isaac. Yet she also symbolizes living according to the Spirit, in that God enables her to see and receive living water in the desert. 8.

What does Hagar mean in Arabic?

Hagar is presented to Abraham. Hagar (Arabic هاجر;, Hajar; Hebrew הָגָר; “Stranger“) was an Egyptian-born handmaiden of Abraham’s wife Sarah in the Bible. She became Abraham’s second wife and the mother of Ishmael.

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