Quick Answer: Who drew the praying hands?

What artists draw hands?

Who drew praying hands Albert Durer?

What is it called when you put your hands together to pray?

hands join clasped / interlaced = begging gesture = ushas mudra [sanskrit]

Did Albrecht Durer’s brother work in the mines?

Albrecht Dürer won and went to Nuremberg. Albert went to work in hazardous mines, and he paid for his brother’s education for four years, whose work at the Academy immediately became a sensation. Albrecht’s engravings, woodcuts and paintings surpassed even the work of many of his professors.

What prompted the Durer Brothers study art?

The father, a goldsmith, worked eighteen-hour days in his constant struggle to put food on the table for his large family. The two oldest sons, Albert and Albrecht, had a dream. They both wanted to pursuer their talent for art. To fulfill their dream, they’d study at the Art Academy in Nuremburg.

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