How old is Estrella in under the feet of Jesus?

How does Estrella develop in under the feet of Jesus?

In the novel Under the Feet of Jesus, author Helena María Viramontes introduces the protagonist Estrella as a poor and uneducated girl. Estrella is a migrant, and therefore her teachers do not treat her well. Her inability to speak or write English deprives her of the necessary skills to make due in society.

What happened to Petra when she became pregnant with Estrella?

She remembers how her mother kicked her out of the house when she became pregnant with Estrella. Petra both takes pride in and deplores Estrella’s strength and determination; it seems to her that in their harsh circumstances, even her daughter’s best qualities can and will be used against her.

Is Petra pregnant in under the feet of Jesus?

Although she’s only thirty-five, Petra is prematurely aged from years of harsh fieldwork. Already the mother of five children, over the course of the novel she discovers that she has conceived another child with Perfecto.

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What year is under the feet of Jesus set in?

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When was under the feet of Jesus written?

Under the Feet of Jesus (novel)

First edition
Author Helena Maria Viramontes
Genre Fiction
Published 1995
Publisher Plume

What is the significance of the title under the feet of Jesus?

The title of the book refers to birth certificates and other important documents kept in a portable statue of Jesus that moves with the family to each new location along the agricultural production cycle.

How does under the feet of Jesus end?

At the end of Under the Feet of Jesus, Alejo is taken to the hospital by Estrella because he has been sprayed with insecticide while he was picking apples to sell. As a result of this (or perhaps I should say “in addition to this”), Alejo’s sickness gets so much worse!

What is under the feet of Jesus by Helena Maria Viramontes about?

A moving and powerful novel about the lives of the men, women, and children who endure a second-class existence and labor under dangerous conditions as migrant workers in California’s fields. At the center of this powerful tale is Estrella, a girl about to cross the perilous border to womanhood.

What does the barn symbolize in under the feet of Jesus?

In this sense, the barn represents the importance of Estrella’s inner life and the need to carve out some solitude in the midst of her crowded life. … At the same time, the barn is under threat from Perfecto, who wants to tear it down and sell the materials.

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