How did Elijah respond to God’s call?

How did God communicate to Elijah?

The Lord told Elijah to go to the top of the mountain so that He could speak to Elijah. A strong wind came and broke the rocks around the cave to pieces. After that, an earthquake shook the ground. … Elijah heard the loud sounds of the wind, earthquake, and fire.

How did Elijah experience the presence of God?

In what way does Elijah experience the presence of God at the cave? God tells him to stand outside the cave. First Elijah hears a powerful wind, then feels an earthquake, then he sees a fire. Then Elijah hears a gentle breeze which speaks to him, and that is Gods presence.

Why did Elijah cover his face?

Elijah recognizes the presence of God; he covers his face as both a sign of respect and protection. Elijah knows the history: People who encounter the terrible majesty of God face-to-face tend to experience shortened lifespans. Thus, Elijah covers his face and comes out to the entrance of the cave.

When did Elijah appear to God?

“The first appearance of Elijah we read of is in the 17th chapter of 1st Kings, when he came before the king and said, ‘As the Lord God of Israel liveth, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, but according to my word. ‘

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What happened to Elijah’s servant?

A servant of the prophet Elisha, Gehazi enjoyed a position of power but was ultimately corrupt, misusing his authority to cheat Naaman the Syrian, a general afflicted with leprosy. As punishment, Elisha cursed Gehazi, transferring Naaman’s leprosy to him and his descendants forever.