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Global Missions


2018–19 Classrooms for Africa Project            

ACSI Western Canada has once again selected the Classrooms for Africa Desks project to promote and support.  Member school communities are encouraged to raise funds for the project throughout the year.  Ninety-five percent of each donation received goes directly towards the project - only five percent is used for administration.

THE CURRENT PROJECT:  Our project will be to continue raising funds for the Dust to Desk Project. Last year ACSI teachers and schools contributed $14,500 which provided desks for nearly 800 students.

THE GOAL: This year the goal is to raise $20,000 which will provided seating for over 1,000 students. The cost per student works out to approximately $20.

The donations collected at the ACSI Teacher Conventions will go toward this goal. More information on this will be available at the conventions. To donate online go to A promotional PowerPoint and a video are available for schools and teachers to use for their students and school communities. Please email C4A at or check out their website for more information.


2018-19 Day of Hope: Classroom Desks–A C4A Project        

Are you looking for a project for your school to support this year?  Classrooms for Africa builds over 25 classrooms each year in needy schools in Africa. Many students still sit and write on the ground because they have no desks! 

THE GOAL: The goal is to raise a total of $20,000 through offerings at teacher conventions and through individuals and schools fund-raising efforts during the 2018–19 school year. This will equip 25 classrooms with desks and seats for 1,000 students. The cost of seating one student is $20.

CURRENT STATUS: So far from the convention offerings we have raised $10,000 for the project, sufficient to provide desks for 500 students leaving $10,000 to go to reach the target by June 2019.

PROMOTIONAL RESOURCES: A video is available for streaming and a downloadable brochure and PowerPoint at

For more information or to donate online please visit

Information available for download:



Teacher for Teachers 

Teachers for Teachers is an initiative of ACSIWC to partner Canadian teachers with teachers in Uganda who are enrolled in the Transformational Teacher Training Program.

The Transformational Teacher Training Program is a certificate program offered by ACSI.


1.Transformation [Transformed teachers can be transforming teachers, but change begins in the mind of the teacher]

2.Inspiration [Theology—a divine influence directly  and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul]

3.Equipping [To furnish with intellectual or emotional resources, to prepare]

4. Mentoring [A wise, trusted teacher or supporter who provides mentorship in the growth of another]



¨ Educating, equipping, and supporting Ugandan teachers is the best development investment we can make. It generates and inspires transformation in both the teachers and their students.

¨ Ugandan Christian teachers need tools to know how to integrate biblical truth within their rigid curriculum. This program introduces them to a new mindset, but they need encouragement and support to continue growing in their understanding of Christian Education.

¨ Your sponsorship enables development of teachers who will begin to teach and mentor other teachers.

¨ Students can’t receive quality Christian Education instruction without well trained and motivated teachers. The importance of investing in these teachers’ education is a critical step in Christian Education in Uganda.


For more information please contact our office.